Rodney Syme

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The courts, in applying the criminal law in relation to homicide, rely heavily on determining the cause of death, and the existence of intention to cause death. The inadequacy of such processes in relation to prosecutions for medical actions at the end of life is discussed. The principle that there is no "special defence" for doctors is refuted. The legal(More)
184 Background: Monetary support of clinical trials is a fundamental necessity for improving treatment and prevention methods; however, current economic data pertaining to the per-patient costs of treating prostate cancer are limited. A concurrent lack of certainty regarding the cost requirements of standard care patients makes it difficult for healthcare(More)
e11515 Background: Racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes are attributed to differences in baseline tumor characteristics, stage, and socioeconomic factors. However, little is known about racial differences in treatment-related toxicities. We hypothesized that racial and ethnic differences result in differential tolerance to chemotherapy and possibly(More)
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