Rodney Swee Huat Teo

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This paper presents a distributed finite-time adaptive integral-sliding-mode (ISM) control approach for a platoon of vehicles consisting of a leader and multiple followers subjected to bounded unknown disturbances. In order to avoid collisions among the vehicles, control protocols have to be designed to ensure string stability of the whole vehicle platoon.(More)
This paper investigates the distributed adaptive control problems for nonlinear vehicle-following systems subject to nonlinear acceleration uncertainties involving vehicle acceleration disturbances, wind gust, parameters uncertainties. It is worth mentioning that the acceleration of the leader in most existing works is always assumed to be zero or constant,(More)
This paper is concerned with a leader-follower problem for a heterogeneous vehicle platoon subject to external bounded unknown acceleration disturbances. Distributed controller based on sliding mode control (SMC) approach are designed for the second-order follower-vehicles under the common assumption that the initial spacing and velocity errors are zero.(More)
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