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Single bacterial cell detection with nonlinear rotational frequency shifts of driven magnetic microspheres
Shifts in the nonlinear rotational frequency of magnetic microspheres, driven by an external magnetic field, offer a dynamic approach for the detection of single bacterial cells. We demonstrate thisExpand
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Optical trapping near resonance absorption.
Expressions for radiation-induced forces are presented for the case of a Rayleigh particle near the focus of a Gaussian laser beam at near-resonant conditions. Classical electromagnetic theory wasExpand
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Physiochemical microparticle sensors based on nonlinear magnetic oscillations
Recently, the nonlinear rotation of single magnetic particles has emerged as a tool to measure physical parameters on the micro-scale. In this paper, detailed theoretical analyses are carried out forExpand
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Nanoparticles for two-photon photodynamic therapy in living cells.
We describe here a nontoxic two-photon photodynamic nanoparticle platform and its cellular application. We demonstrate that the dye's potential toxicity can be circumvented by its permanentExpand
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Indocyanine-green-embedded PEBBLEs as a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging.
Nanoparticles 100 nm in diameter containing indocyanine green (ICG) have been developed as a contrast agent for photoacoustic (PA) imaging based on (photonic explorers for biomedical use byExpand
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Optical manipulation of metal-silica hybrid nanoparticles
Metallic nanoparticles are known to experience enhanced optical trap strengths compared to dielectric particles due to the increased optical volume, or polarizability. In our experience, largerExpand
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Slipping friction of an optically and magnetically manipulated microsphere rolling at a glass-water interface
The motion of submerged magnetic microspheres rolling at a glass-water interface has been studied using magnetic rotation and optical tweezers combined with bright field microscopy particle trackingExpand
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Photonic explorers based on multifunctional nanoplatforms: In vitro and in vivo biomedical applications
Photonic explorers for biomedical use with biologically localized embedding (PEBBLEs) have been developed to explore, image and monitor, microspectroscopically, live cell processes, with minimalExpand
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Manufacturing high-efficiency, high damage threshold diffraction gratings with lift-off processing
High-efficiency, high damage threshold diffraction gratings fabricated out of multilayers of dielectric materials are needed for the application of chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) in the PetawattExpand