Rodney Owens

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Providing secure and efficient access to large scale outsourced data is an important component of cloud computing. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to solve this problem in owner-write-users-read applications. We propose to encrypt every data block with a different key so that flexible cryptography-based access control can be achieved. Through the(More)
Vision-based recognition system has developed rapidly over the past few years. This paper presents hand gesture recognition system that can be used for interfacing between computer and human using hand gesture. In natural Human Computer Interactions (HCI), visual interpretation of gestures can be very useful. In this paper we propose a method for(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether prognostic indicators for hearing preservation could be identified in patients with vestibular schwannoma undergoing middle fossa craniotomy resection. STUDY DESIGN Prospective case review. SETTING Private practice tertiary referral center. PATIENTS 333 patients with serviceable hearing and vestibular schwannoma resected(More)
OS fingerprinting tries to identify the type and version of a system based on gathered information of a target host. It is an essential step for many subsequent penetration attempts and attacks. Traditional OS fingerprinting depends on banner grabbing schemes or network traffic analysis results to identify the system. These interactive procedures can be(More)
Two cases of renal cell carcinoma metastatic to the parotid gland are presented. The parotid mass was the initial manifestation of the first patient's renal cell malignancy and the pathologic evaluation was the first clue to the diagnosis. The second case demonstrates discovery of metastasis to the parotid gland 8 years after resection of a hypernephroma. A(More)
OBJECTIVE The treatment of patients with neurofibromatosis Type 2 has always been challenging for neurosurgeons and neurotologists. Guidelines for appropriate management of this devastating disease are controversial. METHODS A retrospective study of 28 patients with neurofibromatosis Type 2 who underwent 40 middle fossa craniotomies for excision of their(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine whether maxillary sinus puncture caused an alteration in antibiotic treatment and thus affected the outcome of sinusitis in the intensive care unit. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective review was done of cases of maxillary sinus puncture between 1991 and 1994. RESULTS Forty-two patients were identified.(More)