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Providing secure and efficient access to large scale outsourced data is an important component of cloud computing. In this paper, we propose a mechanism to solve this problem in owner-write-users-read applications. We propose to encrypt every data block with a different key so that flexible cryptography-based access control can be achieved. Through the(More)
Vision-based recognition system has developed rapidly over the past few years. This paper presents hand gesture recognition system that can be used for interfacing between computer and human using hand gesture. In natural Human Computer Interactions (HCI), visual interpretation of gestures can be very useful. In this paper we propose a method for(More)
OS fingerprinting tries to identify the type and version of a system based on gathered information of a target host. It is an essential step for many subsequent penetration attempts and attacks. Traditional OS fingerprinting depends on banner grabbing schemes or network traffic analysis results to identify the system. These interactive procedures can be(More)
—Because of intellectual property, user privacy, and several other reasons, many scientific and military projects choose to hide the information about the data sets that they are using for analysis and computation. Attackers have designed various mechanisms to compromise the operating system or database management system to steal such information. In this(More)
Mobile mashups promise great data aggregation and processing capabilities for all end users. During the data collection procedures, some data providers fail to protect confidentiality and privacy of user queries and transmit information in plain text. This enables attackers to eavesdrop on networks and compromise user information. Since mobile mashups can(More)
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