Rodney M. Hamilton

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For the first time, New Madrid seismicity can be linked to specific structural features that have been reactivated through geologic time. Extensive seismic reflection profiling reveals major faults coincident with the main earthquake trends in the area and with structural deformation apparently caused by repeated episodes of igneous activity.
The NeuroScope is a new device which produces a continuous real-time index of cardiac parasympathetic activity (the CIPA) and accurately measures RR intervals. The reproducibility of the CIPA has not yet been assessed. This study was designed to assess the reproducibility of a 5 minute recording of the CIPA using the NeuroScope and compare it with that of(More)
The attenuation of upper crustal seismic waves that are refracted with a velocity of about 6 kilometers per second varies greatly among profiles in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone in the central Mississippi Valley. The waves that have the strongest attenuation pass through the seismic trend along the axis of the Reelfoot rift in the area of the(More)
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