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Personal sampling techniques were used to evaluate firefighter exposure to particulates from diesel engine emissions. Selected fire stations in New York, Boston and Los Angeles were studied. Firefighter exposure to total particulates increased with the number of runs conducted during an 8-hr period. In New York and Boston where the response level ranged(More)
Numbers of the critically endangered hairy marron Cherex tenuimanus are declining rapidly in its natural habitat, mainly due to competition with smooth marron C. cainii. To determine whether genetic introgression is occurring between the two species we isolated 13 new polymorphic microsatellite markers from C. cainii using 454 shotgun sequencing. The loci(More)
This report details the first detection of invasive freshwater shrimp in the south-west of Western Australia, a region recognised for its biodiversity and the vulnerability of its endemic species. The species was detected as part of biosecurity surveillance of Perth’s freshwater lakes. The introduced specimens were tentatively identified morphologically as(More)
In 1964, Brucella was isolated from rodents trapped in Wooroonooran National Park (WNP), in Northern Queensland, Australia. Genotyping of bacterial isolates in 2008 determined that they were a novel Brucella species. This study attempted to reisolate this species of Brucella from rodents living in the boundary area adjacent to WNP and to establish which(More)
Methods are described for investigating the dimensional stability of passive Fabry-Perot etalons with spacers made of low expansion materials. The measurements are made in terms of the Krypton 86 primary length standard which is reproducible to 1 part in 10(8). The precision of the measurements defined as L/DeltaL when DeltaL is the smallest detectable(More)
Hybridization and genetic introgression following the introduction of exotic species can pose a significant threat to the survival of geographically restricted species. A remnant population of the critically endangered freshwater crayfish Cherax tenuimanus in the upper reaches of the Margaret River in southwestern Australia is under threat following the(More)
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