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Microarrays containing 195,000 in situ synthesized oligonucleotide features have been created using a benchtop, maskless photolithographic instrument. This instrument, the Maskless Array Synthesizer (MAS), uses a digital light processor (DLP) developed by Texas Instruments. The DLP creates the patterns of UV light used in the light-directed synthesis of(More)
Following a mass-casualty nuclear disaster, effective medical triage has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives. In order to best use the available scarce resources, there is an urgent need for biodosimetry tools to determine an individual's radiation dose. Initial triage for radiation exposure will include location during the incident, symptoms,(More)
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-alpha (PPARalpha) agonists increase fatty acid oxidation in liver of nonruminants. If similar effects occur in dairy cattle, enhanced hepatic oxidative capacity could decrease circulating nonesterified fatty acids and hepatic triacylglycerol accumulation in periparturient cows. The objectives of this study were 1)(More)
Exposure of cows to a short-day photoperiod (SDPP; 8 h light:16 h dark) during a 60-d dry period increases milk yield in the subsequent lactation compared with cows exposed to a long-day photoperiod (LDPP; 16 h light:8 h dark). Whereas the traditional recommendation for dry period length is 60 d, recent studies indicate that the dry period length can be(More)
Cows experience some degree of negative energy balance and immunosuppression around parturition, making them vulnerable to metabolic and infectious diseases. The effect of prepartum feeding of diets to meet (control, 1.34 Mcal/kg of dry matter) or exceed (overfed, 1.62 Mcal/kg of dry matter) dietary energy requirements was evaluated during the entire dry(More)
A field study was conducted to evaluate the influence of milking frequency (3 or 6 times/d [3x or 6x, respectively]) during the initial 21 d of lactation on milk and milk component yield and mammary gland health as indicated by somatic cell count. During 2 seasons, spring and fall, multiparous cows were milked 6 times/d until d 21 of lactation and then(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an acriflavine disk assay for identification of Staphylococcus aureus and to test whether the acriflavine disk assay could be used to differentiate S aureus from other staphylococci isolated from bovine milk samples. DESIGN Prospective study. SAMPLE POPULATION 882 staphylococcal isolates from bovine milk samples and 3 S intermedius(More)
Our objective was to determine dietary energy effects on feed intake, internal fat deposition, body condition score (BCS), visceral organ mass, and blood analytes in Holstein cows. Eighteen nonpregnant, nonlactating cows (BCS = 3.04 ± 0.25) were blocked based on initial BCS and were randomly assigned within each block to 2 treatments. Treatments were either(More)
Fermentable fibers such as psyllium increase volatile fatty acid (VFA) concentrations in the lower digestive tract and increase the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) mass of many mammals. We reasoned that psyllium inclusion in milk replacer might produce similar effects in neonatal dairy calves, which could lead to improved growth and health. Male Holstein(More)
This paper presents results of a study to determine 1) the effects of Medicare on the patients of hospital use in specific disease groups, and 2) the sensitivity of length of stay and proportions of admission in specific disease groups to "short-run" changes in hospital occupancy rates. The analysis indicates that Medicare did increase utilization of(More)