Rodney L Burton

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1. Recent results suggest that the major flux is carried by a monomeric function, not by an intermonomer electron flow. 2. The bifurcated reaction at the Qo-site involves sequential partial processes, - a rate limiting first electron transfer generating a semiquinone (SQ) intermediate, and a rapid second electron transfer in which the SQ is oxidized by the(More)
We re-examine the pH dependence of partial processes of ubihydroquinone (QH(2)) turnover in Glu-295 mutants in Rhodobacter sphaeroides to clarify the mechanistic role. In more crippled mutants, the bell-shaped pH profile of wildtype was replaced by dependence on a single pK at ~8.5 favoring electron transfer. Loss of the pK at 6.5 reflects a change in the(More)
The Q-cycle mechanism of the bc1 complex is now well enough understood to allow application of advanced computational approaches to the study of atomistic processes. In addition to the main features of the mechanism, these include control and gating of the bifurcated reaction at the Qo-site, through which generation of damaging reactive oxygen species is(More)
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