Rodney L. Bown

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51 patients with Crohn's disease who were in good health while taking azathiprine, 2 mg/kg body-weight/day, for at least six months were allocated either to a group in which azathioprine was continued or to one in which a control tablet was substituted. The trial lasted one year unless relapse recurred earlier. The cumulative probability of relapse was nil(More)
Using a pH-sensitive radiotelemetering device the effect of lactulose on luminal pH in the ileum, colon, and rectum has been compared with that of two other laxative agents. Lactulose produced marked acidification of proximal colonic contents but this effect was not consistently maintained into the distal colon. Sodium sulphate acidified distal rather than(More)
Forty mg has been shown to be the optimal daily dosage of prednisone for outpatients requiring oral steroids for active proctocolitis. Although daily doses of oral steroids are commonly divided, a single dose each morning causes less adrenal suppression and is more convenient to take. A randomized controlled trial has been performed on patients with(More)
The bacterial flora of excluded colonic segments of three patients has been examined in the normal resting state and following perfusion.The flora of the excluded colon was substantial and qualitatively similar to that of faeces. Perfusion for two hours at 10 ml per minute usually reduced counts of organisms present in the issuing effluent by 1 to 1(1/2)(More)
Early diagnosis of chronic hepatic encephalopathy (CHE) in the latent stage before the appearance of clinical signs, should reduce both morbidity and mortality as deterioration is often preventable by treatment. Since existing diagnostic procedures are inadequate, we have investigated a test in which morphine is used as a provocative agent and any resulting(More)
  • R L Bown
  • 2002
Lansoprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that reduces gastric acid secretion in a dose-dependent manner via inhibition of H+/K+-adenosine triphosphatase in gastric parietal cells. It also exhibits antibacterial activity against Helicobacter pylori in vitro. During almost 10 years of clinical use, lansoprazole has proved effective and well tolerated in a wide(More)