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INTRODUCTION Vernix Caseosa peritonitis is a rare post caesarean section complication with only 19 case reports in the literature to date. Vernix caseosa spilt at the time of caesarean section is thought to incite an inflammatory reaction, causing symptoms resembling an acute abdomen. CASE PRESENTATION We discuss three Caucasian patients (aged 32 to 43(More)
40 patients with premenstrual symptoms were randomly allocated to receive placebo patches or active treatment with transdermal oestradiol patches (2 x 100 micrograms) to suppress ovulation. Norethisterone 5 mg was given in each group from day 19-26 of the cycle to ensure a regular withdrawal bleed. Treatment was for 6 months with crossover at 3 months.(More)
Women may expect to spend more than a third of their lives after menopause. Beginning in the sixth decade, many chronic diseases will begin to emerge, which will affect both the quality and quantity of a woman's life. Thus, the onset of menopause heralds an opportunity for prevention strategies to improve the quality of life and enhance longevity. Obesity,(More)
MENOPAUSE IN BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS The increasing incidence of breast cancer combined with improving survival means that women live with the effects of cancer and its treatment for many years. Menopausal symptoms are a significant issue in breast cancer survivors for several reasons. Women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) at the time of diagnosis(More)
Tibolone, which is indicated for the relief of climacteric symptoms and the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, has a tissue-specific mode of action different to that of conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). A large proportion of Asian postmenopausal women experience symptoms that most frequently include musculoskeletal pain,(More)
BACKGROUND Digital photography has simplified the process of capturing and utilizing medical images. The process of taking high-quality digital photographs has been recognized as efficient, timely, and cost-effective. In particular, the evolution of smartphone and comparable technologies has become a vital component in teaching and learning of health care(More)
Health professionals publishing within the field of health sciences continue to experience issues concerning appropriate authorship, which have clinical, ethical, and academic implications. This integrative review sought to explore the key issues concerning authorship from a bioethical standpoint, aiming to explore the key features of the authorship debate.(More)
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