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Heritage: Critical Approaches
Historic sites, memorials, national parks, museums... We live in an age in which heritage is ever-present. But what does it mean to live amongst the spectral traces of the past, the heterogeneousExpand
Beyond “Natural” and “Cultural” Heritage: Toward an Ontological Politics of Heritage in the Age of Anthropocene
Abstract The critique of the separation of natural and cultural heritage is now well established. Rather than repeat arguments against what many would now acknowledge as an artificial separation,Expand
Surface assemblages. Towards an archaeology in and of the present
Abstract This paper explores a central paradox in the aims of the archaeology of the contemporary past as they have been articulated by its practitioners. On the one hand, its aim has been expressedExpand
Forgetting to remember, remembering to forget: late modern heritage practices, sustainability and the ‘crisis’ of accumulation of the past
This paper considers the implications for cultural heritage of observations regarding individual and collective memory which suggest that the process of forgetting is in fact integral to rememberingExpand
Unpacking the Collection: Networks of Material and Social Agency in the Museum
Museum collections are often perceived as static entities hidden away in storerooms or trapped behind glass cases. By focusing on the dynamic histories of museum collections, new research revealsExpand
‘Counter-mapping’ heritage, communities and places in Australia and the UK
Most people will be familiar with the experience of returning to a place known and loved from one’s past, only to find it altered, removed or demolished. The feelings of loss which such an experienceExpand
Excavating Second Life
While the anthropology of online communities has emerged as a significant area of research, there has been little discussion of the possibilities of the archaeology of virtual settlements, definedExpand
After Modernity: Archaeological Approaches to the Contemporary Past
This book summarizes archaeological approaches to the contemporary past, and suggests a new agenda for the archaeology of late modern societies. The principal focus is the archaeology of developed,Expand
Archaeology and the colonial encounter
This article examines the ways in which material objects are invoked and constantly recontextualized as part of the process of cross-cultural colonial encounter with reference to a case study fromExpand
Community-based archaeology in Australia
Outside the Antipodes, Australian archaeology is best known as an archaeology of the distant Palaeolithic past. However, where communities have been closely involved in developing and undertakingExpand