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When a manipulator suuers a joint failure, its performance can be signiicantly affected. If the failed joint is locked, the resulting manipulator Jacobian is given by the original Jacobian, except that the column associated with the failed joint is removed. The rank of the resulting Jacobian then determines if the manipulator still has the ability to(More)
—This work considers kinematic failure tolerance when obstacles are present in the environment. It addresses the issue of finding a collision-free path such that a redundant robot can successfully move from a start to a goal position and/or orientation in the workspace despite any single locked-joint failure at any time. An algorithm is presented that(More)
—In this paper, the authors examine the problem of designing nominal manipulator Jacobians that are optimally fault tolerant to one or more joint failures. Optimality is defined here in terms of the worst-case relative manipulability index. While this approach is applicable to both serial and parallel mechanisms , it is especially applicable to parallel(More)
We use all the available new precise data for deep inelastic and related hard scattering processes to perform NLO global parton analyses. These new data allow an improved determination of partons and, in particular, the inclusion of the recent measurements of the structure functions at HERA and of the inclusive jets at the Tevatron help to determine the(More)
We claim that factorization implies that the evolution kernel, defined by the logarithmic derivative of the N-th moment of the structure function d ln F N 2 /d ln Q 2 , receives logarithmically enhanced contributions (Sudakov logs) from a single source, namely the constrained invariant mass of the jet. Available results from fixed-order calculations(More)
In this paper, we consider pose estimation of 3-D objects from an aerial perspective using eigendecomposition. We first outline a sampling method to acquire images of the object from an aerial view by sampling the upper unit hemisphere. Using this hemispherical sampling pattern, the computational burden of computing the eigendecompo-sition can be reduced by(More)
— In addition to possessing a number of other important properties, kinematically redundant manipulators are inherently more tolerant to locked-joint failures than non-redundant manipulators. However, a joint failure can still render a kinematically redundant manipulator useless if the manipulator is poorly designed or controlled. This paper presents a(More)
We determine the uncertainties on observables arising from the errors on the experimental data that are fitted in the global MRST2001 parton analysis. By diagonalizing the error matrix we produce sets of partons suitable for use within the framework of linear propagation of errors, which is the most convenient method for calculating the uncertainties.(More)
We perform a global parton analysis of deep inelastic and related hard-scattering data, including O(α QED) corrections to the parton evolution. Although the quality of the fit is essentially unchanged, there are two important physical consequences. First, the different DGLAP evolution of u and d type quarks introduces isospin violation, i.e. u p = d n ,(More)