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Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field
Acknowledgments. List of Contributors. Chapter 1 Introduction: Field Theory as a work in Progress - Rodney Benson and Erik Neveu. PART I: THEORETICAL ORIENTATIONS. Chapter 2 The Political Field, TheExpand
Field theory in comparative context: A new paradigm for media studies
Via the English-language translation of La Distinction, Pierre Bourdieu's approach to the reception and appropriation of cultural objects is already well known. But English-speaking scholars have yetExpand
News Media as a “Journalistic Field”: What Bourdieu Adds to New Institutionalism, and Vice Versa
Bourdieu's field theory and the new institutionalism of Cook and Sparrow are similar in that they call for a new unit of analysis for journalism studies: between the individual news organization andExpand
What makes news more multiperspectival? A field analysis
Abstract Democratic normative theory suggests that the news media should promote a broad range of viewpoints, yet little research has attempted to identify and explain variations in pressExpand
How States, Markets and Globalization Shape the News
This article presents a comparative content analysis of the US and French national press in the 1960s and 1990s to test hypotheses about the influence of media structure on journalistic discourse.Expand
Bringing the Sociology of Media Back In
In political communication research, news media tend to be studied more as a dependent than independent variable. That is, few studies link structural characteristics of media systems to theExpand
Who Says What or Nothing at All? Speakers, Frames, and Frameless Quotes in Unauthorized Immigration News in the United States, Norway, and France
Determining the speakers and arguments that dominate the news has long been a core task of media sociology. Yet systematic evidence linking the two—who says what or nothing at all—is lacking in newsExpand
Efficacy of two behavioral treatment programs for comorbid geriatric insomnia.
Older adults with comorbid insomnia and medical illness have been excluded from behavioral treatment research, but recent evidence suggested that such treatments would be effective with thisExpand
Shaping Immigration News: A French-American Comparison
1. Introduction: why study immigration news? 2. The French and US journalistic fields: position, logic, and structure 3. Narrating the immigrant experience in the US media: from jobs threat toExpand