Rodney Alexandre Ferreira Rodrigues

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ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Arrabidaea chica Verlot. (Bignoniaceae), popularly known as Crajiru, has been traditionally used as wound healing agent. AIM OF THE STUDY Investigate in vitro and in vivo healing properties of Arrabidaea chica leaves extract (AC). MATERIALS AND METHODS AC was evaluated in vitro in fibroblast growth stimulation (0.25-250(More)
PURPOSE To develop an anesthetic mucoadhesive film containing Acmella oleracea (jambu) extract for topical use on oral mucosa. METHODS Ethanolic extracts from aerial parts of jambu were prepared by maceration. Pigment removal was obtained by adsorption with activated carbon. Three mucoadhesive films were developed using a film casting method: 10 or 20% of(More)
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