Rodney A. Price

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This paper first describes the structure and results of the Abbadingo One DFA Learning Competition. The competition was designed to encourage work on algorithms that scale well—both to larger DFAs and to sparser training data. We then describe and discuss the winning algorithm of Rodney Price, which orders state merges according to the amount of evidence in(More)
Members of the National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association who have bipolar disorder were surveyed. 59% of respondents had their first symptoms during childhood or adolescence. Long delays between symptom onset, treatment-seeking, and receipt of a bipolar diagnosis were common. 45% of respondents currently experience frequent recurrences.(More)
Mice of the 129/J (129) and C57BL/6ByJ (B6) strains and their reciprocal F1 and F2 hybrids were offered solutions of ethanol, sucrose, citric acid, quinine hydrochloride, and NaCl in two-bottle choice tests. Consistent with earlier work, the B6 mice drank more ethanol, sucrose, citric acid, and quinine hydrochloride solution and less NaCl solution than did(More)
The clinical, computerized tomography (CT), and histological findings from 84 children with brain-stem gliomas were reviewed to determine whether any of these features correlated with outcome. Clinical data were available from all children, CT data from 62 children, and biopsy data from 54 children. Actuarial life tables were constructed for each clinical,(More)
A study was performed to evaluate the clinical and histopathologic characteristics of a distinctive degenerative lesion within the central nervous system (CNS) of children with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Of the 231 patients in this study, 13 were found to have specific degenerative changes in telencephalic white matter. Morphologically, the principal(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether schizophrenics and their nonschizophrenic siblings have a similar pattern of neuropsychological deficit when compared with normal controls. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS Fifteen probands with schizophrenia, 16 of their nonschizophrenic siblings, and 31 unrelated, demographically balanced, normal individuals underwent evaluation(More)
A very similar pattern of homogamy was found in samples of American and Swedish couples for physical, social, and behavioral variables. In the Swedish sample, there were only minor differences in assortment, i.e., in similarity to spouses, between MZ and DZ twins. Although our data are not conclusive on this point, there was an indication that the observed(More)
Few mutations have been found in the human leptin gene and the relationship between leptin gene sequence variation and human overweight is uncertain. To determine whether sequence variation within the leptin gene and its regulatory elements contribute to extreme obesity, we screened approximately 3 kb of the 5' flanking region and the three exons in 125(More)
A 23-month-old infant with an extensive dural arteriovenous malformation (AVM) developed a heart murmur and cardiomegaly. The AVM involved the occipital and suboccipital dura mater and the tentorium, bilaterally. We embolized the AVM with Gelfoam and polyvinyl alcohol particulates, subtotally resected it, and embolized residual vessels with isobutyl(More)