Rodney A Mason

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The growth cycle of Rickettsia quintana was studied for the first time in liquid culture. Growth of the microorganism in a transparent broth medium was made possible by the finding that fetal calf serum (FCS), but not calf serum (CS), satisfied the requirement of R. quintana (Fuller strain) for red blood cell lysate. The three constituents of the medium,(More)
Evidence exists to suggest that androgens stimulate bone formation in the estrogen-deficient state, however the mechanism of action is unclear. The following study investigates the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on biochemical markers of bone turnover and calcium homeostasis in sham and oophorectomized (oophx) rats when either vehicle, 40, 80, or 160(More)
A right laparotomy was performed in anesthetized miniature swine. A hepatic vein was catheterized through the diaphragmatic surface of the left lateral lobe of the liver or through the cut surface of the right lateral lobe following a partial lobectomy. Continuous wave Doppler flow cuffs were applied to the hepatic artery and portal vein. Portal vein(More)
The role of hyperinsulinemia in the development of hypoglycemia was evaluated in awake Yucatan minipigs. Eight adult minipigs were fitted with jugular, portal, and hepatic vein and carotid artery catheters, and hepatic artery and portal vein flow cuffs for determination of transhepatic kinetics and insulin secretion. Three days later they were infused with(More)
Hypoglycemia associated with endotoxic shock is due to increased glucose utilization coupled with inadequate hepatic glucogenesis. Decreased hepatic blood flow is common in shock and could conceivably reduce hepatic gluconeogenic substrate and oxygen delivery, thereby limiting gluconeogenesis. A study was conducted to assess endotoxin-induced alteration of(More)
Of 8,129 specimens submitted as urinary stones from 6,095 patients, 67 from 15 patients were predominantly calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite) by infrared analysis. Detailed study of 1 man and 4 women who submitted 3 or more such specimens showed that all were of aragonite calcium carbonate crystal form in 2 women and all calcite in(More)
OBJECTIVE Hypothermia may occur during general anaesthesia and is associated with postoperative coagulopathy, ischaemic cardiac events, wound infections and increased metabolic expenditure due to shivering. The purpose of the present pilot study was to determine whether the administration of certain amino acids (Vamin 18) during general anaesthesia could(More)
A six-month-old basset hound was presented with unilateral right epiphora and medial canthal and maxillary bone swelling. Skull radiographs and dacryocystorhinography revealed a nasal cyst, right nasolacrimal duct dilatation, and obstruction. Laboratory examination of the cyst confirmed the diagnosis of dacryops, a cyst of lacrimal gland origin. The cyst(More)
Conjoint therapy of a glucocorticoid and aminoglycoside antibiotic have been recommended for septic shock. These studies examined the hemodynamic and metabolic effects of methylprednisolone sodium succinate (MPSS) with and without gentamicin sulfate in a nonanesthetized model of nonseptic endotoxemia in Yucatan miniature pigs. Methylprednisolone sodium(More)