Rodion N Stepanenko

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Two new triterpenoid saponins 1 and 2 were isolated from the methanol extract of the roots of Acanthophyllum gypsophiloides Regel. These saponins have quillaic acid or gypsogenin moieties as an aglycon, and both bear similar sets of two oligosaccharide chains, which are 3-O-linked to the triterpenoid part trisaccharide(More)
An increase in the amount of direct and indirect plaque-forming cells in mixed cultures of lymph node cells from mice primed and challenged with sheep red blood cells with syngenic and allogenic bone marrow cells from intact donors was observed. The amount of plaque-forming cells in mixed cultures reached the maximum level in 9--11 hours of cultivation and(More)
Disorders seen in patients with Alzheimer's disease are also related to the pathology of immunity. In order to study it in a more detailed manner, some immunity parameters were examined in 30 patients with Alzheimer's disease, 15 patients with Huntington's chorea which may have similar mechanisms of immunologic defects, and 15 healthy donors. A study was(More)
298 Specific stimulation of the immune system against tumor antigens, which may result in elimination of malignant cells, may be performed with the use of vaccines containing a specific native or synthetic tumorassociated antigen. To develop a prototype antitumor vaccine, we synthesized an oligosaccharide fragment of tumor-associated antigen, obtained its(More)
The number of antibody producers in a mixed culture of lymph-gland cells obtained at the peak of the primary or secondary response in mice immunized with sheep's red cells and intact bone-marrow cells was determined by Jerne's method. During combined culture of these cells the number of antibody producers was 2–4 times greater than in a monoculture of(More)
A complex immunotherapy regimen containing myelopid in combination with chemotherapeutic drugs was prescribed for 30 patients aged from 17 to 54 years and suffering from destructive pulmonary tuberculosis. It was proved that a complex treatment favored the normalization of the main immunologic indices, thus greatly increasing the efficacy of pulmonary(More)
The study of mechanisms of regulation of the immune response by bone marrow cells is an important task in modern immunology. The ability of bone marrow cells to synthesize substances involved in the formation of the immune response was first established in [2]. At the present time, a pharmacological preparation known as B-activin, which possesses(More)