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Value of nuclear magnetic resonance tomography in leg edema of unknown origin. Preliminary report
The value of magnetic resonance imaging was assessed in patients with lymphedema, lipedema and phlebedema and showed homogenous enlarged subcutaneous tissue. Expand
Assessment of the muscles of the extremities with imaging procedures (CT and MR)
CT and MR may prove useful tools for preoperative assessment as well as a postoperative follow-up for macroscopic evaluation of muscles in the extremities. Expand
Computed tomographic classification of gunshot wounds of the head
A reconstruction of intracranial bullet movements and spontaneous bullet dislocations is made possible by CT and shows secondary posttraumatic lesions. Expand
Demonstration of cerebral complications in internal diseases and in drug therapy by computerized tomography
: If the central nervous system is affected in internal diseases or during drug therapy accompanied by lesions within the cerebral tissue, there will be normally found changes in cranial computedExpand
Metatypical basaloma. A case report
Volumineux epithelioma basocellulaire detruisant le squelette facial et penetrant dans le lobe frontal
Computed tomographic studies in cervical spinal stenosis
Computed tomography was applied in 29 patients with cervical spinal stenosis and found dorsal spondylotic ridges of the vertebral bodies and in three cases an atlanto-dental dislocation. Expand