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The paper presents a Java framework for stochastic modelling and simulation , used as an infrastructure to model and simulate real world activities, phenomena and processes, particularly in health care, patient monitoring and medical education. We modelled the flow of patients through medical units, considering both their arrivals and their stay in the(More)
PURPOSE This paper is a study concerning the clinical-imagistic correlations in lacunar infarcts causes and associated lesions in these ones. We made an attempt to find out and emphasize the risk factors, causes and pathogenic mechanisms involved in lacunar syndromes. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied 138 patients with lacunar infarcts diagnosed by(More)
This paper presents a Java framework for analyzing, processing and understanding wound images, to be used in teaching, learning and research activities. We intend to promote e-learning technologies in medical, pharmaceutical and health care domains. Using Java and XML technologies, we build models for various categories of wounds, due to various etiologies.(More)