Rodica Cornean

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Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), which include the prototypic autistic disorder (AD), Asperger's syndrome (AS) and pervasive developmental disorders not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), are complex neurodevelopmental conditions of unknown aetiology. The current study investigated the metabolites in the methionine cycle, the transsulphuration pathway, folate,(More)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) comprise a complex and heterogeneous group of conditions of unknown aetiology, characterized by significant disturbances in social, communicative and behavioural functioning. Recent studies suggested a possible implication of the high-density lipoprotein associated esterase/lactonase paraoxonase 1 (PON1) in ASD. In the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the association between the metabolic syndrome in children (MS) and the pre-pregnancy nutritional status of the mother. DESIGN AND METHODS A total number of 180 children aged between 6-19 years were examined. Self reported data about parents and their children were collected. The children underwent physical examination; weight,(More)
Neurological and psychiatric symptoms represent an atypical manifestation of celiac disease (CD) occurring before the typical gastrointestinal events (weight loss, diarrhea, steatorrhoeic stools). Some studies suggest that a gluten-free diet is effective in treating psychiatric and neurological complications associated with CD. We report the case of 1 year(More)
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