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We assessed genetic differentiation and diversity in 14 populations of sika deer (Cervus nippon) from Japan and four populations of sika deer introduced to the UK, using nine microsatellite loci. We observed extreme levels of differentiation and significant differences in diversity between populations. Our results do not support morphological subspecies(More)
Rock, air and service water samples were collected for microbial analyses from 3.2 kilometres depth in a working Au mine in the Witwatersrand basin, South Africa. The approximately metre-wide mined zone was comprised of a carbonaceous, quartz, sulphide, uraninite and Au bearing layer, called the Carbon Leader, sandwiched by quartzite and conglomerate. The(More)
Raised levels of serum IgE antibodies to prawn antigens were found in 15 of 26 seafood factory process workers with respiratory symptoms and in one of 26 case-matched asymptomatic controls (P < 0.001). Raised IgG antibody titres against the same antigens were found in 18 subjects in each symptom grouping, and the median titres of this antibody did not(More)
A method for generating arbitrary terrain models, including trees, bushes, mountains, and buildings, is described. Procedure models are used to combine fundamental data elements in the creation of unified objects comprising the terrain model. As an example, a procedure model to generate arbitrary trees of various species is implementation. These are the(More)
Detectors aboard the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory have observed an unexplained terrestrial phenomenon: brief, intense flashes of gamma rays. These flashes must originate in the atmosphere at altitudes above at least 30 kilometers in order to escape atmospheric absorption and reach the orbiting detectors. At least a dozen such events have been detected over(More)
Three hundred and eighty Salmonella isolates recovered from animal diagnostic samples obtained from four state veterinary diagnostic laboratories (AZ, NC, MO, and TN) between 2002 and 2003 were tested for antimicrobial susceptibilities and further characterized for bla(CMY) beta-lactamase genes, class 1 integrons and genetic relatedness using PFGE.(More)
Robust characterization and monitoring of dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) source zones is essential for designing effective remediation strategies, and for assessing the efficacy of treatment. In this study high-resolution cross-hole electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) was evaluated as a means of monitoring a field-scale in-situ bioremediation(More)
The temporal dynamics in the fluctuations of the plasma floating potentials from an undriven dc glow discharge argon plasma at an intermediate gas pressure of 250mTorr and at the range of discharge currents I=6-50mA are investigated. In this study, the discharge current I is used as the plasma system's bifurcation parameter in analogy with the parameter(More)
The invasion of DNAPL into fractured low permeability deposits results in the formation of secondary source zones that represent a long-term source of VOCs to adjacent aquifers. We present data from a site underlain by a fractured mudstone contaminated with TCE DNAPL that was poised for release following remediation of the overlying aquifer. Observations of(More)