Rodger Walser

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Albert Einstein's insight that it is impossible to distinguish a local experiment in a "freely falling elevator" from one in free space led to the development of the theory of general relativity. The wave nature of matter manifests itself in a striking way in Bose-Einstein condensates, where millions of atoms lose their identity and can be described by a(More)
We consider the superfluid phase transition that arises when a Feshbach resonance pairing occurs in a dilute Fermi gas. We apply our theory to consider a specific resonance in potassium ((40)K), and find that for achievable experimental conditions, the transition to a superfluid phase is possible at the high critical temperature of about 0.5T(F).(More)
Atom interferometers covering macroscopic domains of space-time are a spectacular manifestation of the wave nature of matter. Because of their unique coherence properties, Bose-Einstein condensates are ideal sources for an atom interferometer in extended free fall. In this Letter we report on the realization of an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer(More)
We show that pair correlations may play an important role in the dynamical properties of a Bose-Einstein condensed gas composed of an atomic field resonantly coupled with a condensed field of molecular dimers. Specifically, pair correlations in this system can dramatically modify the coherent and incoherent transfers between the atomic and molecular fields.
We consider Feshbach scattering of fermions in a one-dimensional optical lattice. By formulating the scattering theory in the crystal momentum basis, one can exploit the lattice symmetry and factorize the scattering problem in terms of center-of-mass and relative momentum in the reduced Brillouin zone scheme. Within a single band approximation, we can tune(More)
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of the low-temperature region. Here, the experimental unitary data are calibrated and replotted in the more conventional theoretical units, E F 0 k B T F and T F. The agreement between theory and experiment is very good. In the presence of a pseudogap, a more elaborate treatment (28) of the pseudogap self energy, which takes into account spectral(More)
A two arm metamaterial (MTM) inspired antenna with compressed size and comprehensive bandwidth is presented. The Metamaterial based antenna is designed for some improvement in the performance of directivity gain, return loss and size of circuit area. The antenna consists of two TL-MTM arms been designed and fabricated to operate between 2 GHz-4 GHz. Each(More)
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