Rodey Batiza

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Compositional heterogeneity in mid-ocean ridge (MOR) lava flows is a powerful yet presently under-utilized volcanological and petrological tracer. Here, it is demonstrated that variations in preand syn-eruptive magmatic conditions throughout the global ridge system can be constrained with intra-flow compositional heterogeneity among 10 discrete MOR flows.(More)
[1] Side-scan sonar, submersible observations and sampling of lava flows from the East Pacific Rise, 17 –19 S constrain the character and variability of submarine volcanic eruptions along mid-ocean ridges. Nine separate lava sequences were mapped using relative age and lithological contrasts among recovered samples. Axial lengths activated during eruptive(More)
In this short paper we attempt to make crude estimates of the amounts of sulfide mineral precipitates on off-ridge seamounts relative to the amounts precipitated from ridge crest hydrothermal systems. While adequate data for such an estimate are largely lacking at present, seamount sulfide deposits probably represent about 10% of the amount generated at the(More)
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