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Interferometry is an optical testing technique that quantifies the optical path difference (OPD) between a reference wave front and a test wave front based on the interference of light. Fringes are formed when the OPD is an integral multiple of the illuminating wavelength. The resultant two-dimensional pattern is called an interferogram. The function of any(More)
Four different production batches were taken from each brand. Samples were purchased from retail markets in Maracay, Cagua and Turmero. (Venezuela). The average physical and chemical values were: vacuum = 38.81 cm Hg; pH = 3.28; titrable acidity (%citric acid) = 0.59%; degree Brix = 67.24; reducing sugars = 55.28%; total sugars = 62.28, and the color(More)
We experimental demonstrate successful performance of VCSEL-based WDM link supporting advanced 16-level carrierless amplitude/phase modulation up to 1.25 Gbps, over 26 km SSMF with spectral efficiency of 4 bit/s/Hz for application in high capacity PONs. OCIS codes: (060.2330) Fiber optics communications; (060.4080 ) Modulation.
The motivation of this work is the modeling of the hardening precipitates and hardness evolutions of fully hardened heat treatable aluminium alloys during friction stir welding (FSW) and/or heat treatment processes. The model used is based on the kinetics of dissolution of precipitates model for hardened aluminium alloys given by Myhr and Grong (1991)(More)
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