Roderik Lindenbergh

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—Since 2003, the full-waveform laser altimetry system onboard NASA's Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) has acquired a worldwide elevation database. ICESat data are widely applied for change detection of ice sheet mass balance, forest structure estimation, and digital terrain model generation of remote areas. ICESat's measurements will be(More)
The Dutch coast is characterized by sandy beaches flanked by dunes. Understanding the morphology of the coast is essential for defense against flooding of the hinterland. Because most dramatic changes of the beach and the first dune row happen during storms, it is important to assess the state of the coast immediately after a storm. This is expensive and(More)
—Full waveform laser altimetry is a recently developed method to obtain a complete vertical profile of the height of objects in the footprint as illuminated by a laser pulse. The richness of the signal also complicates the processing. One way to improve the processing strategy is to analyze differences of waveforms that should be very similar because they(More)
Roads play an indispensable role as part of the infrastructure of society. In recent years, society has witnessed the rapid development of laser mobile mapping systems (LMMS) which, at high measurement rates, acquire dense and accurate point cloud data. This paper presents a way to automatically estimate the required excavation volume when widening a road(More)
Variation in the mineral composition of rocks results in a change of their spectral response capable of being studied by imaging spectroscopy. This paper proposes the use of a low-cost handy sensor, a calibrated visible-very near infrared (VIS-VNIR) multispectral camera for the recognition of different geological formations. The spectral data was recorded(More)
In this paper, we propose an automatic and sequential method for the registration of an image sequence of a road area without ignoring scene-induced motion. This method contributes to a larger work, aiming at vehicle tracking. A typical image sequence is recorded from a helicopter hovering above the freeway. The demand for automation is inevitable due to(More)
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