Roderick Neame

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A regional health information infrastructure is being developed in an internally self-governing country which is a dependent territory of the British Crown, is not part of the United Kingdom but is a member of the British Commonwealth. This country of about 70000 inhabitants (and significant numbers of visitors) within the British Isles shares many(More)
In this article the author outlines the key issues in the development of a regional health information infrastructure suitable for public health data collections. A set of 10 basic design and development principles as used and validated in the development of the successful New Zealand National Health Information Infrastructure in 1993 are put forward as a(More)
It is becoming increasingly essential for individuals to be able uniquely to identify themselves and each other, even where they may never meet. Access to and use of privileges of membership, whether of a professional association, computer network or health insurance policy depends upon the 'members' being able to prove that they are who they say they are,(More)
A principal goal of computerisation of medical records is to join up care services for patients, so that their records can follow them wherever they go and thereby reduce delays, duplications, risks and errors, and costs. Healthcare records are increasingly being stored electronically, which has created the necessary conditions for them to be readily(More)
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