Roderick L B Neame

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The need for a patient-centered approach to health care services delivery is well recognized. Health care has become more specialized, with increasing numbers of disciplines and subdisciplines. In addition, both providers and community are increasingly mobile. As a consequence, patients see more providers, which has led to increasing fragmentation of(More)
BACKGROUND The protection of personal information privacy has become one of the most pressing security concerns for record keepers: this will become more onerous with the introduction of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in mid-2014. Many institutions, both large and small, have yet to implement the essential infrastructure for data(More)
Collections of computerised personal health data present a very real threat to privacy. Access control is difficult to manage in order to maintain privacy and at the same time to retain flexibility of usage. The legal situation is clear, imposing a requirement to respect personal privacy and human rights. Primary users (those whose access is based on a duty(More)
Incubation of subcellular fractions isolated from rat cerebral cortex with [γ-32P]ATP results in the phosphorylation of a number of proteins including two with apparent molecular weights of approximately 50,000 and 60,000 daltons. These phosphoproteins were shown to be the autophosphorylated subunits of a calmodulin-stimulated protein kinase by a number of(More)
Contemporary medical practice increasingly involves the use of inter-professional teams and complex care protocols. Increasing emphasis on value for money, medical audit, quality assurance and optimal outcomes requires that the practitioner has ready access to large amounts of up-to-date information, and that various abstracts and summaries of cases are(More)
In recent years the systematic development of the skill of clinical reasoning has come to assume a high priority as an explicit aim of medical education. Clinical reasoning, it is contended, is the application of general reasoning and problem-solving skills to the specific knowledge base of medicine. The results presented in this paper constitute a(More)
A method for construction of thermistor probes suitable for use in small animals is described, together with some suggestions for associated circuitry. The two types of probe described are intended for use in cardiac output estimations by the thermodilution method, and although these are dimensionally suited to the rat, there is no reason why they should(More)
In 1993 the first national health information service went live in New Zealand, using commercial network services for all communications. This system provides a point of connection for all health personnel, and for those with a legitimate interest in health care information (e.g. insurers): it also provides access to a number of information resources(More)
Increasing use of electronic data storage and exchange is inevitable. Although of considerable benefit to all concerned, they pose a potential threat to personal privacy. Measures to protect personal privacy in national information networks are essential. These and related security issues require the highest priority in strategic planning because experience(More)
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