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Application of the discrete Fourier transform to the search for generalised Legendre pairs and Hadamard matrices
We introduce Legendre sequences and generalised Legendre pairs (G L­ pairs). Expand
New skew-Hadamard matrices of order 4cdot59 and new D-optimal designs of order 2cdot59
We give two new circlulant D -optimal designs of order 118, which are of Ehlich's type. Expand
New D-optimal designs of order 110
We give two new D-optimal designs of order 110.
The design of a range finder for a computer vision system
We develop a computer vision system which enables a PDP-10 computer to acquire television pictures in digital form. Expand
From Graphical to Mathematical: The Spiral of Golden Proportion
There has been a lot of material written about logarithmic spirals of golden proportion but the author has not come across an article which states the exact equation of the spiral which ultimatelyExpand
Sequences of rational numbers converging to surds
The concept of sequences of rational numbers converging to surds and the procedure followed in doing so is discussed. The investigations seems to be ideally suited to student project work.
A Lesson in Number Pattern.
A guided investigation into the spatial relationships between the centres of the squares in a Fibonacci tiling is provided. It is essentially a lesson in number pattern but includes work with surds,Expand