Roderick D. Atkinson

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Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) fisheries account for 41% of the U.S. marine recreational fish catch and 16% of the nation's marine commercial fish landings. Mercury (Hg) concentrations are elevated in some fish species in the Gulf, including king mackerel, sharks, and tilefish. All five Gulf states have fish consumption advisories based on Hg. Per-capita fish(More)
Three major technical issues can be identified in th e design of the digital part of the audiovisual library of Bibliotheque Nationale de France : digitizing policies, end-user interface issues for time-base d media and real-time media impact on network an d software design. Two specific factors have to be considered with special care in the research(More)
Bullets or bullet fragments that are recovered during forensic autopsy and examined later as evidence may present hazards to both pathologists and forensic scientists due to sharp edges or jagged projections created by the deformation or fragmentation of a bullet upon impact with its target. The recent introduction of the Black Talon bullet has increased(More)
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