Roderick C. Jones

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During the summer and fall of 2002, an epidemic (223 cases) and epizootic of West Nile virus infections occurred in Chicago. Retrospective spatial analysis demonstrated that age-adjusted human case rates were three times higher inside geographic areas with high early-season crow deaths than outside these areas.
An outbreak of adenovirus infection that involved residents of a pediatric chronic-care facility, staff of a tertiary-care hospital, and a nosocomial hospital case was studied. In the pediatric facility, 31 (33%) of 93 residents had adenovirus infection, and 8 died. Risk factors for illness were an age of < 7 years (P = .004), presence of a tracheostomy (P(More)
Poult enteritis complex has been associated with enteritis and reduction in growth rates in commercial turkeys worldwide. Intestinal samples from 76 turkey flocks from different Brazilian states affected or not with intestinal disorders were evaluated for the presence of adenovirus groups 1 and 2 (TAV), astrovirus types 1 and 2 (TAstV-1 and TAstV-2), turkey(More)
OBJECTIVE To design and implement a tool that creates a secure, privacy preserving linkage of electronic health record (EHR) data across multiple sites in a large metropolitan area in the United States (Chicago, IL), for use in clinical research. METHODS The authors developed and distributed a software application that performs standardized data cleaning,(More)
Outbreaks associated with distinct strains of Salmonella enterica serotype Uganda, a rare serotype, occurred in New York City and Chicago during the summer of 2001. Both outbreaks were linked to eating ready-to-eat pork products. This serotype may emerge as a more frequent cause of human infections.
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