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Maria Cristina Arias • Stéphane Aulagnier • Erin F. Baerwald • Robert M. R. Barclay • Jacqueline Silva Batista • Rochelle R. Beasley • Rodrigo A. Bezerra • Frédéric Blanc • Eli S. Bridge • Maria Teresa Cabria • Lı́via Izabela Caputo • Jie Chen • Jian-Hua Chen • Zhi Chen • Ching-Hung Chen • Pengfei Chu • Andrea Contina • Fausto Moreira da Silva Carmo •(More)
Many ecological aspects of tool-use in sea otters are similar to those in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. Within an area, most tool-using dolphins share a single mitochondrial haplotype and are more related to each other than to the population as a whole. We asked whether sea otters in California showed similar genetic patterns by sequencing mitogenomes(More)
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