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BACKGROUND Xenon has many characteristics that make it very attractive as an anesthetic and therapeutic drug. Unfortunately, the supply of xenon is fixed, and therefore reclamation and recovery from even the most efficient breathing circuits is desirable. We built and evaluated a cryogenic device to recover xenon from waste anesthetic gases. METHODS Xenon(More)
Current-voltage (I-V) curves have been measured, independent of the main discharge, for electricity passing through the steady state fast flowing 'afterglow' plasma of a low power dc glow discharge in Ar. Voltage profiles along the axial line of conduction have been mapped using fixed probes and potentiometry, and the mass spectra of cations emerging from(More)
It has been suggested that Rydberg gas atoms are involved in conducting electricity through a steady state flowing afterglow (FAG) discharge plasma (R. S. Mason, D. J. Mitchell and P. M. Dickinson, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2010, DOI: ). From known properties of Rydberg atoms, a statistical model is developed here to find the distribution of levels(More)
Ions created from the fast-flowing positive column plasma of a glow discharge were monitored using a high voltage magnetic sector mass spectrometer. Since the field gradient and sheath potentials created by the plasma inside the source opposed cation transfer, it is inferred that the ions detected were the field-ionized Rydberg species. This is supported by(More)
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  • 2010
A steady state chemical kinetic model is developed to describe the conduction of electrical current between two probes, of relatively large surface area, immersed in a fast flowing plasma by the mechanism of charge transfer through a gas of Rydberg atoms. It correctly predicts the shape of current-voltage profiles which are similar to those of Langmuir, or(More)
Representative organic vapors have been introduced into the flowing afterglow of a low power (<5 W) dc-glow discharge, coupled to a quadrupole mass spectrometer. When a positive bias was applied to the ion sampling orifice, the very surprising result was that molecular mass spectra were obtained with a high sensitivity. When a negative bias was applied to(More)
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