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Microbial interactions are important for ecosystem function, but occur at the microscale and so are difficult to observe. Previous studies in marine systems have shown significant shifts in microbial community abundance and composition over scales of micrometres to centimetres. This study investigates the microscale abundance distributions of virus-like(More)
Viral communities are important for ecosystem function as they are involved in critical biogeochemical cycles and controlling host abundance. This study investigates riverine viral communities around a small rural town that influences local water inputs. Myoviridae, Siphoviridae, Phycodnaviridae, Mimiviridae, Herpesviridae, and Podoviridae were the most(More)
Water level decline affects the biophysical environment of shallow lakes. Unprecedented drought in Australia’s Murray–Darling Basin resulted in extreme water level drawdown in the large, shallow Lake Alexandrina at the end of the River Murray. Surface sediment was collected from 22 sites in the lake before and after water levels declined to assess the(More)
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