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Billions of online display advertising spots are purchased on a daily basis through real time bidding exchanges (RTBs). Advertising companies bid for these spots on behalf of a company or brand in order to purchase these spots to display banner advertisements. These bidding decisions must be made in fractions of a second after the potential purchaser is(More)
This paper describes and evaluates privacy-friendly methods for extracting quasi-social networks from browser behavior on user-generated content sites, for the purpose of finding good audiences for brand advertising (as opposed to click maximizing, for example). Targeting social-network neighbors resonates well with advertisers, and on-line browsing(More)
Data generated by observing the actions of web browsers across the internet is being used at an ever increasing rate for both building models and making decisions. In fact, a quarter of the industry-track papers for KDD in 2012 were based on data generated by online actions. The models, analytics and decisions they inform all stem from the assumption that(More)
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