Rod Franklin

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Abstract—Future service technology will provide an unprecedented access to operational data, which opens up novel opportunities for monitoring, controlling and managing serviceoriented business processes. Amongst these opportunities, we consider predictive monitoring to be a major lever for increased efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in future(More)
Predictive business process monitoring aims at forecasting potential problems during process execution before they occur so that these problems can be handled proactively. Several predictive monitoring techniques have been proposed in the past. However, so far those prediction techniques have been assessed only independently from each other, making it hard(More)
Proactive event processing constitutes the next phase in the evolution of complex event processing. Proactive event processing makes it possible to anticipate potential issues during process execution and thereby enables proactive process management. One industry domain that can expect relevant benefits from applying proactive event processing is(More)
International freight transport is the foundation of global trade, representing a large and growing industry where various stakeholders collaborate to transport goods around the world. The ICT infrastructures currently employed throughout logistics business networks are limited and the use of manual systems is common. This drastically hampers the(More)
Dr. Yagil Engel, Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research, Tel Aviv, Israel (formerly Researcher, IBM Research Labs, Haifa, Israel) Dr. Marianne Hagaseth, Senior Research Engineer, MARINTEK, Trondheim, Norway Dr. Asmund Tjora, Research Scientist, MARINTEK, Trondheim, Norway Dr. Fabiana Fournier, Researcher, IBM Research Labs, Haifa, Israel Rene Fleischhauer,(More)
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