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Reviewers The Publications Committee of the American Physiological Society gratefully acknowledges the services of the following reviewers who assisted the Editorial Board in the reviews of manuscripts. I would like to recommend that our library subscribe to the American Journal of Physiology–Cell Physiology. This is a journal published online and in print(More)
The remarkable success of magnetic resonance imaging of adult brain relates to the unusually large ratio of the longitudinal relaxation rates 1/T1 of white and gray matter, approximately 2:1 at physiological temperature and traditional imaging fields. Several investigators have conjectured that myelin is the source of the greater 1/T1 of white matter(More)
Activation of alpha1-adrenergic receptors has been linked to the control of blood pressure, neuroendocrine secretion, reproductive behavior and mood. The present study describes the distribution of alpha1B-adrenergic receptor immunoreactivity in female rat brain regions involved in stress and neuroendocrine function. The pattern of immunolabeling seen(More)
Although numerous studies have shown that cochlear impairment exists in audiogenic-seizure (AGS)-susceptible mice, there is only one report of cochlear potentials obtained from AGS-susceptible rats. To investigate the hypothesis that cochlear impairment also exists in AGS rats, cochlear microphonics (CM) and the primary afferent activity of the auditory(More)
The organ of Corti of Genetically Epilepsy Prone Rats was examined anatomically and electrophysiologically using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electrophysiological recording of alternating current cochlear potentials (ACCP) and N1, a volume conductor recording of the primary auditory afferent action potentials. ACCPs for GEPRs with low intensity(More)
PURPOSE Our objective was to determine whether appropriate criteria could be developed for performing an endarterectomy on the basis of sonographic and MR angiographic findings. METHODS Fifty patients were examined prospectively with sonography, MR angiography, and conventional angiography. All three imaging studies were performed within 2 weeks of one(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although repetitive involuntary movements are a well-recognized manifestation of carotid occlusive disease, similar movements have not been reported with a lacunar infarction outside of the basal ganglia or subthalamic nucleus. We describe a man with tonic spasms associated with a lacunar infarction in the right ventral pons. CASE(More)
Drugs that produce tinnitus can be subdivided into those which produce temporary or permanent hearing loss and those which apparently do not cause any hearing loss. The tinnitus occurring with drugs of the first group is probably secondary to the hearing loss. However, most of the drugs that produce tinnitus without an accompanying hearing loss probably do(More)
In this study, the effects of nine alpha-1 adrenoceptor antagonists [prazosin, WB 4101 (WB), chloroethylclonidine (CEC), 5-methylurapidil (5-MU), BMY 7378 (BMY), MDL 73005EF (MDL73), MDL 72832 (MDL72), RS 17053 (RS) and SK&F 105854 (SKF)] were studied on contractile responses to phenylephrine (PE) of the endothelium-denuded dog aorta in vitro. All(More)