Rod D. B. Lefroy

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The decline in soil organic matter with cropping is a major factor affecting the sustainability of cropping systems. Changes in total C levels are relativelyinsensitive as a sustainability measure. Oxidation with different strength KMnO4 has been shown to be a more sensitive indicator of change. The relative size of soil C fractions oxidised by 333 mM KMnO4(More)
Maintenance of soil carbon concentrations and synchronisation of nutrient release from crop residues to match crop demand is important if soil organic matter levels are to be maintained and nutrients are to be recycled efficiently. Two laboratory perfusion experiments were conducted to study the decomposition and nutrient release rates from straw of(More)
The current pressure on land resources necessitates the development of sustainable land management (SLM) systems. The process of developing such systems requires that methods are available to assess sustainability easily. Indicators of SLM need to include indicators of soil quality and land quality, but in addition they must take account of the(More)
Soil organic matter (SOM) is considered as a key indicator of sustainability, therefore measurements of SOM changes under various forms of management are needed for the development of sustainable systems. Because the measurement of total SOM is not sensitive enough to monitor short and medium term changes, techniques that measure meaningful fractions of SOM(More)
The maintenance of soil organic matter (SOM) and the balancing of nutrient flows into and out of the rainfed rice cropping systems in Northeast Thailand is of paramount importance to arresting the decline in soil fertility and crop yields. A system where small applications of leaf litters from locally grown trees are applied annually to rice paddy soils(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the categories of people being approved for admission to nursing homes; to consider whether any alternatives would have been more appropriate; and to outline the care needed for each category. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Patients in acute-care facilities in metropolitan Perth for whom a request had been made for nursing home admission.(More)
Farming activities practiced on many Australian soils have resulted in substantial losses of soil organic matter (SOM), nutrient loss, soil structural degradation and declines in cereal yield and quality. Field trials, consisting of a legume or fallow phase followed by three wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crops, were established on a degraded Ferric Luvisol(More)
Phosphorus (P) deficiency is a major constraint for crop production in many parts of the world including Myanmar and field research into management of P fertilizers and P responsiveness of crops on infertile soils has been limited. The purpose of this study is to determine maize yield response to different forms of P fertilizers on an acidic (pH 4.9) P(More)