Rocsanna Namdar

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STUDY OBJECTIVES Determine the intrasubject and intersubject variability in, and the effects of food or antacids on, the pharmacokinetics of rifampin (RIF). DESIGN Randomized, four-period crossover phase I study. SUBJECTS Fourteen healthy male and female volunteers. INTERVENTIONS Subjects ingested single doses of RIF, 600 mg, under fasting conditions(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency of medication errors that occurred during the preparation and administration of IV drugs in an intensive care unit. SETTING The study was conducted in a 12-bed intensive care unit of one of the largest teaching hospitals in Tehran. DESIGN Data were collected over 16 randomly selected days at different medication(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To determine the intra- and intersubject variability in and the effects of food or antacids on the pharmacokinetics of isoniazid (INH). DESIGN Randomized, four-period cross-over Phase I study in 14 healthy male and female volunteers. Subjects ingested single doses of INH 300 mg under fasting conditions twice, with a high-fat meal, and(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to determine the antimicrobial susceptibility patterns among common pathogens in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a university hospital in Iran between 2006 and 2009. METHODS The isolates cultured in appropriate media and antimicrobial susceptibility were determined by disk diffusion tests according to the guidelines of(More)
BACKGROUND The 5-hydroxytryptamine type 3 antagonists, or setrons (eg, ondansetron), are commonly used for nausea and vomiting in the hospital setting. In 2001, droperidol was given a black box warning because it was found to prolong the QT interval and induce arrhythmias. The setrons share with droperidol the same potential proarrhythmic mechanisms, but(More)
Nicotine replacement therapy, bupropion, nortriptyline, clonidine, and varenicline are all effective, although insufficient evidence exists to recommend one intervention over another. Effective nonpharmacologic interventions include brief physician advice and more intensive counseling, such as proactive telephone counseling, group and individual counseling,(More)
Peripheral blood stem cell transplantation (PBSCT) has been extended to treating hematologic disorders, but the benefits over bone marrow transplantation (BMT) still remain unclear, especially in nonmalignant hematologic disorders. In this study, we compared class I-II thalassemic children who underwent HLA-matched PBSCT and BMT for treatment. Conditioning(More)
SETTING Three US referral hospitals. OBJECTIVE Determine the population pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters of ethionamide (ETA) following multiple oral doses. DESIGN Fifty-five patients with tuberculosis (TB) participated. Patients received multiple oral doses of ETA as part of their treatment. They also received other anti-tuberculosis medications based(More)
Alcaftadine (Lastacaft®; Allergen, Inc.) is a broad-spectrum antihistamine displaying a high affinity for histamine H1 and H2 receptors and a lower affinity for H4 receptors. It also exhibits modulatory action on immune cell recruitment and mast cell stabilizing effects. The authors reviewed all available English-language literature characterizing the(More)
BACKGROUND The New Mexico Pharmaceutical Care Foundation received funding through the Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program (TUPAC) to provide support for pharmacist-delivered tobacco cessation services. The goal of the program was to increase the availability of tobacco cessation services to residents of New Mexico. Program outcomes are presented,(More)