Rocky Fowler

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess whether troglitazone (TRO) would induce cellular acidosis by inhibiting Na(+)/H(+) exchanger (NHE) 1 in breast carcinoma-derived cell lines and, if so, whether cellular acidosis would be associated with a reduction in proliferation. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Intracellular pH (pH(i)) and acid extrusion capacity(More)
In the present study we evaluated the role of B cells in acquired immunity to Salmonella infection by using gene-targeted B-cell-deficient innately susceptible mice on a C57BL/6 background (Igh-6(-/-)). Igh-6(-/-) mice immunized with a live, attenuated aroA Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium vaccine strain showed impaired long-term acquired resistance(More)
The ability of enterotoxin-based mucosal adjuvants to induce CD8+ MHC class I-restricted CTL responses to a codelivered bystander Ag was examined. Escherichia coli heat-labile toxin (LT), or derivatives of LT carrying mutations in the A subunit (LTR72, LTK63), were tested in parallel with cholera toxin (CT) or a fusion protein consisting of the A1 subunit(More)
During laparoscopy for the collection of preovulatory oocytes the ovaries were inspected and the numbers of Graafian follicles were counted. Most patients had one large preovulatory follicle but three patients had two and might have had twin ovulations. The large follicle was in the left ovary in 9 patients and in the right ovary in 11. It could be(More)
A detailed study has been made of the progesterone content of uterine flushings taken from rabbits of different endocrine states. A high content of progesterone was recovered from the uterine lumen of pregnant and pseudopregnant rabbits. The amount of progesterone recovered in the flushings was not simply dependent on the concentration in the plasma,(More)
Autoradiography has been used to follow the synthesis and migration of labelled glycoconjugates into fertilized and unfertilized mouse eggs. Adult female mice were paired individually with males and injected with 100 microCi [3H] glucosamine, either when they were paired with males or at the time a vaginal plug was first detected. The mice were killed at(More)