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Understanding and analyzing information flow is crucial in the evaluation of security critical software systems. Data Flow Logic (DFL) is a domain specific language under development at Rockwell Collins for use in specifying and verifying dynamic information flow properties of such systems. The language employs C source code annotations to enable concise,(More)
In systems such as integrated modular avionics (IMA), there is a substantial benefit from maintaining significant portions of a product family's architecture unchanged from one system to the next. When there are tight constraints on resources such as bandwidth and processor capacity, however, certain seemingly small changes in a few components have the(More)
Figure 1 Security and safety processes viewed as specialist domains contributing to core systems engineering (SE), management and operations processes .. Figure 3 The propagation of the effects of a fault, from its activation to create an error in the system state, to propagation to a failure in a provided service, to causing a fault in a user system [13].(More)
4-D (3-dimensional position plus time) trajectory is an essential building block for both FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation Modernization (NextGen) program and the European Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program. Under this 4-D trajectory concept, Flight Management Systems (FMSs) not only need to predict the 4-D trajectory of the aircraft(More)
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