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Utilizing the rebreathing of a gas mixture containing C2H2, C180, He O2, and N2, we obtained serial measurements of the pulmonary capillary blood flow (Qc), diffusing capacity per unit of alveolar volume (DL/VA), functional residual capacity (FRC), pulmonary tissue plus capillary blood volume (VTPC), and O2 comsumption (VO2) in five normal subjects under(More)
To ensure rapid and efficient impulse conduction, myelinated axons establish and maintain specific protein domains. For instance, sodium (Na+) channels accumulate in the node of Ranvier; potassium (K+) channels aggregate in the juxtaparanode and neurexin/caspr/paranodin clusters in the paranode. Our understanding of the mechanisms that control the initial(More)
BACKGROUND Most mutations in the myelin protein zero gene (MPZ) typically cause a severe demyelinating/dysmyelinating neuropathy that begins in infancy or an adult-onset axonal neuropathy. Axonal degeneration in the late-onset H10P mutation may be caused by the disruption of axoglial interaction. OBJECTIVE To evaluate sural nerve biopsy samples from a(More)
Although previous studies have demonstrated that water immersion to the neck (NI) results in a significant natriuresis and diuresis, the mechanisms are incompletely delineated. Since recent studies have demonstrated that NI induces a marked increase in cardiac index, it is possible that, as a consequence, renal hemodynamics may be augmented markedly during(More)
Previous studies from this laboratory have demonstrated that the redistribution of blood volume and concomitant central hypervolemia induced by water immersion to the neck (NI) results in a significant natriuresis, kaliuresis, and diuresis. The NI model was utilized to assess the role of "effective volume" and hyperaldosteronism in the impairment of sodium(More)
Essential hypertension is thought to produce a uniform exaggerated natriuresis and diuresis. Because validation of this formulation in humans is incomplete, the natriuretic and diuretic responses to acute volume expansion were characterized by using water immersion to the neck. This method provides a volume stimulus identical to that induced by 2 L of(More)
Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) is associated with insulin resistance and increased prevalence of type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The p21Ras/MAP kinase is a major intracellular signaling pathway mediating insulin signaling in insulin responsive tissues. The expression, regulation and function of the p21Ras/MAP kinase pathway in PCOD patients were(More)
Recent understanding of the systems that mediate complex disease states, has generated a search for molecules that simultaneously modulate more than one component of a pathologic pathway. Chronic pain syndromes are etiologically connected to functional changes (sensitization) in both peripheral sensory neurons and in the central nervous system (CNS). These(More)
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