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Poverty and economic development: not as direct as it may seem
Abstract The relationships among various subsets of economic development, poverty, crime, and/or income inequality have been separately investigated in several theoretical and empirical studies.Expand
Globalization Versus Regionalization: And the Winner Is…
ABSTRACT This study attempts to assess the forces of globalization versus the forces of regionalization on a macro level, rather than the usual micro (firm and industry) one. In order to find outExpand
An Econometric Contribution to the U.S. Defense—Growth Nexus: Evidence from Error Correction Model
Past and contemporary research has examined the relationship between military spending and economic growth and has reported mixed results. These conflicting findings are perhaps due to theExpand
Who Is Benefiting The Most From Nafta? An Intervention Time Series Analysis
Unlike previous studies on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which examined either trade or income effects by using forecasted trade values, this paper investigates the impact of NAFTAExpand
International trade, religion, and political freedom: an empirical investigation
This paper explores the impact of religion (Islam), culture, and political freedom on bilateral trade flows by employing an augmented version of the gravity model. A stratified global sample ofExpand
Governance and Economic Development in MENA Countries: Does Oil Affect the Presence of a Virtuous Circle?
While most of the studies attest the presence of a significant virtuous circle between governance and economic development, this is the first article that investigates its sustainability on a sampleExpand
Does regionalism work? A random and fixed effects model
An extensive body of work has examined the viability of regional blocs or RIA in different settings. Most of these studies have focused on whether regional blocs hinder or facilitate global freeExpand
Regional Cooperation in Trade, Finance and Investment Among SAARC Countries: The Bangladesh Perspective
Intra SAARC trade seems to be quite of a small order of magnitude. This might be because of normal outcome or because of unexplored trade opportunity. If the latter is the case, then increased tradeExpand
Diversification, Strategy, and Stability of Lebanese Banks: A Non-Parametric DEA Approach
This article estimates the efficiency of the Lebanese banking sector within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through examining the diversification efforts, the macro-financialExpand