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The only known case of an avian digestive system with active foregut fermentation is reported for the hoatzin (Opisthocomus hoazin), one of the world's few obligate folivorous (leaf-eating) birds. Hoatzins are one of the smallest endotherms with this form of digestion. Foregut fermentation in a flying bird may be explained by increased digestive efficiency(More)
While much is known about the prevalence of influenza viruses in North America and Eurasia, their prevalence in birds and mammals in South America is largely unknown. To fill this knowledge gap and provide a baseline for future ecology and epidemiology studies, we conducted 2 years of influenza surveillance in the eastern plains (Los Llanos) region of(More)
AIMS This work describes the isolation and characterization of two new alkaliphilic micro-organisms present in nejayote. METHODS AND RESULTS Samples of fresh industrial nejayote were plated on nejayote medium and incubated for 4 days at 37 °C. Isolates were identified based on morphological and physiological characteristics, as well as 16S rDNA sequence(More)
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