Rocio E Garcia-Cobos

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CDP-choline has been widespread used in humans for decades as a treatment for many types of cognitive impairment. Despite this, its mechanism of action still remains unclear, but several experimental models in acute cerebral ischaemia suggest that it could have a brain repair action. Due to the lack of significant adverse effects and its high tolerability,(More)
BACKGROUND Neurobehçet disease (NBD) is a rare complication of Behçet disease (BD) but with important burdens of morbidity and mortality. Little is known about this complication because there are no validated diagnostic criteria, and all the studies have small number of patients. The prevalence reported normally ranges between 5% and 15% and it is more(More)
INTRODUCTION Neurootological symptoms are common in patients with migraine, and have been reported to be associated with diverse conditions. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 70 patients with a diagnosis of episodic migraine, with or without aura, attending our Migraine Unit were selected. The specific variables studied were the diagnosis of instability,(More)
INTRODUCTION Osmophobia is often reported by migraine patients. This study evaluates osmophobia in connection with the diagnosis of episodic migraine with or without aura, chronic migraine and episodic and chronic tension-type headache. METHODS We recruited from our Headache Unit 68 patients (59 female, 9 male; age 37+/-14.7 years), of whom 24 were(More)
We present the first report of association between primary sexual headache (PSH) and hypnic headache (HH). A 36-year-old man without any relevant medical or headache history was referred to our Headache Clinic because of a 3-month history of headaches. They were of explosive onset, holocranial location, and exclusively triggered by sexual activity, and they(More)
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