Rocio Ballesteros Gonzalez

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European legislation is driving the development of methods for river ecosystem protection in light of concerns over water quality and ecology. Key to their success is the accurate and rapid characterisation of physical features (i.e., hydromorphology) along the river. Image pattern recognition techniques have been successfully used for this purpose. The(More)
BACKGROUND Screening of blood units for hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA identifies donations collected during the window period (WP) of the acute infection and may improve viral safety of the blood supply. It also leads to the detection of occult hepatitis B infection (OBI). STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS From January 2005 to December 2006, a total of 383,267 blood(More)
BACKGROUND Mathematical models predict that, in Spain, a significant number of blood units will be obtained during the window period of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. Routine nucleic acid testing (NAT) on individual blood units may provide experimental data to evaluate such a theoretical risk. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Between February and July(More)
Using different molecular techniques, DNA has been detected in the plasma of cancer patients with various types of tumors. We undertook the present study to investigate the presence of plasma DNA, before mastec-tomy, in patients with breast cancer at diagnosis and to analyze the clinicopathological spectrum of this subgroup of patients with respect to(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to compare three different apheresis machines with the same donors regarding the processing time required to obtain a 3.5 x 10(11) platelet (PLT) dose and acceptance by donors. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS A randomized crossover trial was performed to evaluate the differences between the Amicus Crescendo (Baxter Biotech(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to identify donation variables that could be related to the development of hematoma during multicomponent apheresis collections (MACs). STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS This is an observational retrospective study where 1375 donors donated 5177 MACs during a 2-year period with two different machines (Amicus Crescendo(More)
Bacterial contamination of blood components is the principal infectious complication linked to transfusion. The aim of the study was to evaluate the applicability of an automated culture system for platelets. 10 141 platelet concentrates were cultured individually and in pools of five on storage days 1 and 7 using Bact/Alert system aerobic bottles. A(More)
Nd-YAG laser coagulation is a therapeutic method for the treatment of refractory superficial bladder cancer. Complications resulting from its use are uncommon. We report a case of jejunal and bladder perforation 24 h after Nd-YAG bladder irradiation of a recurrent bladder tumour.
The annual workshop of the Spanish HIV‑2/HTLV Study Group was held at the Instituto de Salud Carlos III in Madrid on December 11, 2013. Nearly 100 experts and researchers in retroviruses other than HIV‑1, the classical AIDS agent, convened for a one‑day meeting devoted to updating knowledge on the epidemiology of HIV‑2 and HTLV-1 infections and discussing(More)