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In August 2008, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses' (AACN's) Evidence-Based Practice Resource Work Group met to review current AACN Practice Alerts and to identify new Practice Alerts to be created. The work group was also tasked with reassessment of the grading system used by AACN that evaluates evidence associated with the Practice Alerts(More)
BACKGROUND The Minnesota Living With Heart Failure Questionnaire (LHFQ) is a commonly used measure of health-related quality of life in persons with heart failure. Researchers have questioned whether LHFQ is sensitive to subtle differences and sufficiently responsive to clinical interventions because the instrument has demonstrated variable performance in(More)
Patients with heart failure (HF) report multiple symptoms. Change in symptoms is an indicator of HF decompensation. Patients have difficulty differentiating HF symptoms from comorbid illness or aging. The study purpose was to identify the number, type, and combination of symptoms in hospitalized HF patients and test relationships with comorbid illness and(More)
BACKGROUND Prior investigators have suggested that quality of life differs in men and women with heart failure, especially in the physical functioning domain. The purpose of this study was to compare quality of life in men and women with heart failure to determine if differences exist after controlling for functional status, age, and ejection fraction. (More)
BACKGROUND Chronic illness burdens some groups more than others. In studies of ethnic/racial groups with chronic illness, some investigators have found differences in health-related quality of life (HRQL), whereas others have not. Few such comparisons have been performed in persons with heart failure. The purpose of this study was to compare HRQL in(More)
BACKGROUND The American College of Surgeons has defined six minimum activation criteria (ACS-6) for the highest level of trauma activations at trauma centers. The verification criteria also allow for the inclusion of additional criteria at the institution's discretion. The purpose of this prospective multicenter study was to evaluate the ACS-6 as well as(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine which variables may discriminate between a short length of stay (LOS) and a long LOS and readmission within 30 days among heart failure (HF) patients discharged from a hospital. The charts of 188 patients who were discharged with diagnostic related group 127 during September 30, 1997, until October 31, 1998, were(More)