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1. Eating disorders can be found in several psychiatric pathologies: schizophrenia, delusional disorder (somatic type), bipolar disorders, major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, somatization disorder and conversion disorder. 2. Although their clinical features have been defined,(More)
Many authors consider alexithymia a predisposing factor to psychosomatic and somatopsychic pathologies. In this study we investigated the presence of alexithymic characteristics in a group of 106 massive obese patients who requested a surgical intervention. 6 Rorschach alexithymia variables in the protocols of patients and a non-patient reference group (n =(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the expressive capacities of our psychosomatic patients. We invited them to represent their illness in a drawing through the design test. Following this, we investigated 43 patients affected with bronchial asthma, 30 patients affected with refractory massive obesity and compared them with a control group of 25(More)
From an urban planner perspective, a city is smart when is able to respond to the needs of its inhabitants in a more efficient and sustainable way, mainly by properly using information and communication technologies (ICTs). This definition of smart city highlights the importance of two main factors for the development of smarter cities: citizens and(More)
Purpose of this study is an investigation about the experience on the body Self and many relevant symbolic meanings in the massive obesity before and after the surgical therapy as well as a checking of the former obese patients in order to find out if such a heavy intervention may involve a modification of the body Self Perception in comparison with the(More)
The aim of this study was the quality of service evaluation of two different organizational ways in delivering infant vaccination according to a Regional Vaccination Plan. Eleven vaccination centres were selected in two Local Health Units (ASLs) belonging to the Regional Health Service of the Lazio Region, Italy. The services offering paediatric(More)
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