Rocco Mennella

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Aircraft-borne multifrequency passive microwave observations of eight marine oil spills revealed that, in all cases, over 90 percent of the oil was confined in a compact region comprising less than 10 percent of the area of the visible slick. These measurements show that microwave radiometry offers a means for measuring the distribution of oil in(More)
A joint airborne measurement program is being pursued by NRL and NASA Wallops Flight Center to determine the extent to which wind speed and sea surface significant wave height (SWH) can be measured quantitatively and remotely with a short pulse (2 ns), wide-beam (<tex>60\deg</tex>), nadir-looking 3-cm radar. The concept involves relative power measurements(More)
Frontal alpha asymmetry has been proposed to underlie the balance between approach and withdrawal motivation associated to each individual's affective style. Neurofeedback of EEG frontal alpha asymmetry represents a promising tool to reduce negative affect, although its specific effects on left/right frontal activity and approach/withdrawal motivation are(More)
The present study investigated emotional responding in dysphoric individuals. Dysphoric (N = 25) and nondysphoric (N = 29) individuals completed an emotional imagery task, including pleasant, neutral and unpleasant emotional-eliciting scripts. Self-reported valence and arousal, and measures of cardiac autonomic activity were collected during the task.(More)
Contrary to other phobias, individuals with blood phobia do not show a clear-cut withdrawal disposition from the feared stimulus. The study of response inhibition provides insights into reduced action disposition in blood phobia. Twenty individuals with and 20 without blood phobia completed an emotional go/no-go task including phobia-related pictures, as(More)
This paper describes a pedigree with Huntington's disease (HD), in which three cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and two cases of pathological gambling (PG) were identified. The mutation analysis of the HD gene was carried out in the examined individuals who were at risk for HD. In fact, OCD and PG only occurred in carriers of the HD expansion.(More)
We review several aspects of Huntington's disease (HD), with a special focus on the psychopathological manifestations often identified in patients with this disorder. We discuss the evidence for a higher-than-average prevalence of psychosis, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in individuals with HD or at risk for the illness and analyze the(More)
BACKGROUND Socio-emotional difficulties in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are thought to reflect impaired functional connectivity within the "social brain". Nonetheless, a whole-brain characterization of the fast responses in functional connectivity during implicit processing of emotional faces in adults with ASD is lacking. METHODS The present study used(More)
Studies on electroencephalographic (EEG) alpha band asymmetry at rest have reported that, compared to healthy controls, dysphoric and clinically depressed individuals often display relatively less left- than right-sided cortical activity at anterior scalp sites, and the opposite pattern at posterior scalp sites. It has also been shown that(More)