Rocco Giuseppe Tortorella

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The polypeptide diazepam binding inhibitor (DBI) displays epileptogenic activity by binding to benzodiazepine receptors. We analyzed DBI concentrations in the plasma of pediatric and adult epileptic patients, as a possible peripheral marker in epilepsy. DBI plasma concentrations are significantly higher (+ 62%, P < 0.001) in adult patients and slightly but(More)
Peripheral benzodiazepine receptors (PBR) may have a role in epilepsy and in mediating antiepileptic drug effects. Since PBR in blood mononuclear cells may be acted on by anticonvulsant drugs, we investigated possible modifications of these receptors in newly diagnosed patients, before and after antiepileptic treatment and in drug-resistant epileptic(More)
Atypical fibroxanthoma (AFX) is a spindle cell neoplasm with low metastatic potential but high tendency to recur after surgery. Because of the rarity of this lesion and its aspecific clinical features, AFX could be easily misdiagnosed and undertreated by many clinicians who encounter them. Dermoscopy represents a valuable tool for easily assessing skin(More)
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