Rocco De Nicola

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The problem of the relationship between truly concurrent operational and denotational semantics is tackled by mapping syntactic terms on similar semantic domains in both approaches. Occurrence nets are associated to terms through structural operational semantics based on a set of rewriting rules; event structures are defined as denotations for terms,(More)
A new area of research, known as Global Computing, is by now well established. It aims at defining new models of computation based on code and data mobility over wide-area networks with highly dynamic topologies, and at providing infrastructures to support coordination and control of components originating from different, possibly untrusted, fault-prone,(More)
In the last decade, several foundational formalisms for global computing have appeared in literature to improve the understanding of the complex mechanisms underlying such new computational scenario. In their design, the integration of security mechanisms is a major challenge and great efforts have been recently devoted to embed such mechanisms within(More)
Subtyping relations for the /spl pi/-calculus are usually defined in a syntactic way, by means of structural rules. We propose a semantic characterisation of channel types and use it to derive a subtyping relation. The type system we consider includes read-only and write-only channel types, as well as Boolean combinations of types. A set-theoretic(More)
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